Sunday, April 6, 2008

Feeling better---hugs to all of you!!!

Whew!!! For many, many reasons, I am feeling SO much better today!! The posts that you have left have made me feel fantastic, and really, really special!! I can't thank you all enough, for the kind, wonderful, encouraging (and funny!) words that you've left for me here in your posts. Thanks, guys----from the bottom of my heart----I truly do treasure you all!! My blog readers ROCK!!! :-)
I was creating like a mad woman last night and this afternoon, so I have some new things to post sometime early this evening.
I'll be back in a bit! Hugs again!!!

Feeling Better, Woo-Hoo!!!! Plus, an MFT Release & Other Stuff......

I'm a little late in catching up on my posts for MFT's release party---sorry about that! I swear that I've had THE worst luck around release dates lately for the companies I design for. For the last several months, something has either happened with my family (grandfather& great aunt passing away, and all the details that that entails.....OR I end up getting sick.) I love release-parties, don't get me wrong.....they're a fun and exciting time to share the creations that you've 'secretly' been working on for a while and are anxious to share with everyone.....the cards just haven't been stacked in my favor for the last two or three release dates. But, I do try to do my best!
Well, this time, I ended up getting a wicked-nasty-awful sore throat (fever ---102 degrees!---aches, chills, NO energy, etc. etc. etc.....). (Boy, do I sound like a whiner, or what?!?!?) I swear, it felt like I was swallowing shards of glass----ouchy!! I'm just glad my family didn't catch the same bug----at least not yet, anyway. Luckily, I found some left-over antibiotics from a past prescription, so I started taking those, which helped immensely. (I'm an RN, and, YES, I know that you're not supposed to do that, but at 11PM, I'll do whatever I can to start feeling better.)

OK.....on to the good stuff!
These cards are made from two new sets, now available from My Favorite Things ( The adorable little gardening gal is a set called 'Can Ya' Dig It'. An adorable set with a ton of images that are SO much fun to color! The mini-set for this month is 'Mother's Day'. A must-have set for this time of year! These are two sets you'll find yourself reaching for over and over again!

I really need to say a HUGE 'thank-you' to all of you that left such wonderful, encouraging, sweet, heartfelt comments regarding my run-in with the. *ahem*, 'ladies' turned my whole day around! I went from feeling rotten about myself to walking around with a big ol' grin on my face for several days. Even though I've never met any of you 'in-person' all mean so very much to me, and I thank you for being so wonderful!! BIG hugs to ALL of you!!!
I'll be back a bit later today with another peek from another new-release, plus something just for fun! Until then.....have a wonderful Sunday morning! Hugs to you!!!