Thursday, May 8, 2008

Little Girl's Treasure Box......Love this DCWV DP!

The shape of these alterable boxes (found at Hobby Lobby) have always reminded me of a little girl's jewelry box. You know, the kind that had the dancing ballerina that twirled 'round and 'round to the music when you opened the lid? When I was little, I remember watching that ballerina dance to the music, wishing that I could be as pretty and delicate as she was--and wanting to be able to wear a pretty, sparkly tutu like she did! A tutu just wouldn't have been very practical growing up on a farm, spending most of your time climbing trees, riding motorbikes, cleaning out the hog sheds and and helping with other livestock chores, etc. There was always plenty to do. It's funny, because I still miss those days, growing up on the farm. (Yes, I was a true 'tomboy' in my younger years..............until I discovered boys, that is!) Of course, after I hit my teen years, it was all about spending an hour (or more) on my makeup and hair before going to school, flirting with boys, going to pizza parties, movies, etc. etc. etc.....:-) Oh, those wonderful teen years, huh?

I altered this little box using some absolutely GORGEOUS paper by DCWV, called 'Nana's Nursery' Girls' stack. I am hooked on the pink polka-dot, the striped polka-dot and the light-green background with the pink-ish cherries. I give full credit for the enabling to Jen delMuro (genie1314), as I found it one day while checking out her blog . Jen has made some beautiful things with this line of DP, and I just couldn't resist temptation any longer. (In fact, I've got a got a bunch more of this DP on its way to my house, just to make sure I'm stocked up.)

The framed sentiment uses MFT's featured 'oldie but goodie' set for this month, 'Setting the Stage'. Lots of great staple images in this set----the double-line frame (that I used on the top of this box), plus scalloped borders, polka-dotted ribbon images, a dotted-line image, an embellished corner stamp, and some 'doodle'-type images as well. The scalloped border along the bottom of this box was created with open-scalloped stamp in this set. 'Setting the Stage' is WELL worth the money, IMO, and the best part is that Kim has it ON SALE this month! How can you beat that?!?! Go to to check out this set, as well as the new releases for May.

Now that I've got this all finished, I like it so much that I'm not sure I can give it away!! I may keep this one to hold buttons and things like that, and just make another one like to give as a gift. Do you ever do things like this?
Well, should close for now.
I've decided to put off the blog-candy post until next week. DH and I have to go out of town next week---and the city we're going to has countless scrapbooking stores that I'm going to have to 'visit' while he's tied up in meetings and appointments. Waiting a little longer makes it better for you, though, because I'll have SO many more neat things to offer in the blog candy drawing after I've hit these stores. I'll make sure that the prize is drool-worthy, you can be sure of that!
Thanks for stopping by today. Now, I'm off to read through the 29-30 pages of posts from the MFT release party last night. After that, I'm going to spend some 'Mommy' time just having fun and creating.
Take care of you today----I hope your day is fabulous!! Hugs to you all!