Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ribbon Blossom Tutorial: Answers & An Explanation

I'm currently working on revamping the 'Ribbon Blossom' tutorial. I've been contacted by quite a few people that have tried to make one, using the tutorial, and haven't been happy with the results they've gotten.

I know the link is no longer available. I deleted it, and will explain my reason for doing so.

I want you all to know that I was also flattered-----beyond belief----that SO many people wanted to learn to do something that I do. I did ask people to call it a 'Ribbon Blossom' if they made one using my tutorial, because it felt really nice knowing that people were remembering me because of something they liked to look at. Heck, I think we'd all like to be remembered for something nice. Maybe I'm being too presumptuous here, but I do think that.

That was my first tutorial----EVER----so it was a definite learning experience for me. (I don't know how some of these ladies can put out a tutorial almost every day! Doing that one tutorial took me almost two days total!) I do feel like I may be able to explain each step a little more, and show you more pictures that will take you through the process in a more clearly-demonstrated way. It will be offered to you in a different format, also....but that information will be coming shortly. (I'm not trying to 'tease''s just that I don't have everything finished with it yet.)

Since I try very hard to be honest with those of you that do stop by my blog, I'll share with you the second reason that it has been deleted from my blog.

I received several very nasty emails and posts regarding the Ribbon Blossom Tutorial. One message, in particular, stated that I had 'no business whatsoever laying claim to the creation or invention of the pom-pom', stating that I had 'NO right to expect people throughout the world to give me personal credit for the 'pom-pom', or anything remotely resembling a 'pom-pom'. (These posts have now been deleted.)

First, let me clear up one thing: I never, ever laid claim to the 'pom-pom'. Ever. In a later entry, in which I tried to answer questions people had regarding the tutorial, I did explain that it looked somewhat LIKE a pom-pom.....for lack of a better way to describe it. I'm not a walking thesaurus---that is simply the first word that came to mind at the time.

Since I do not feel that I've ever intentionally tried to hurt anyone, in any way, through my blog, or in any of its entries, I was quite shocked to receive such rude messages and posts. To put it simply, many people asked me to show them how to make a 'Ribbon Blossom', and I put some pictures and words together to try to explain the process that I use to create them. I really didn't expect to be attacked for doing so, and I was quite stunned, to say the least. I didn't want to receive any more nasty messages, so I chose to remove the 'problem'. My parents raised me to live by the old quote 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all', and I try very hard to do that. Others may not, but I do.

I hope that those of you that are reading this do not feel like you are being punished for the actions of a handful of people. Honestly, I did feel 'punished'----for trying to do something nice---but it is NOT my intention to pass along that hurt or anger.

I apologize, wholeheartedly, to any of you that feel slighted or frustrated by the fact that I deleted my tutorial. Upsetting you is not my intention. Preventing further rude comments and emails is my only goal. That is the reason that I deleted the tutorial from my blog.

To my regular, faithful, wonderful readers.....the tutorial isn't gone, it's just being revamped. It will be offered-----to those that want it-----in the near future, but in a different format, via a different route.

I hope that you can understand my reasons for the decisions I made. Thank you for being so wonderful, and for reading this post.

I really do enjoy having a blog so much, and you all make my day in more ways than I could ever have imagined. The comments, posts and messages that you leave here really do mean a lot to me.

I hope you'll stop back again. (Soon!) :-) Have a wonderful evening, everyone!

New Things to Share.....

Sorry for the long absence, everyone. I know how frustrating it can be to take the time to check a blog for several days in a row without seeing anything new. I promise to try much harder to post more regularly....that's my new resolution (it's OK to make new resolutions in April, isn't it??)
SO many of you have left posts, and sent emails with such wonderful, caring, heartfelt messages, just checking in on me to see if everything is OK. I can't tell you how much all of the messages mean to me--and how special you have all made me feel!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to every one of you!! (Big hugs!!)
I've gotten a few new things created, so you have something new to look at today. I just received some new SU stamps a week ago or so, and had to break them in a little bit! I really like all three of these sets, as they give such unique and different looks. I'll add the card information later, so if there's something you'd like to know more about with one of these cards, you'll be able to find what you need.

MANY, many (many!) of you have left posts here, contacted me on SCS, or personally emailed me regarding the Ribbon Blossom Tutorial. SInce there are so many questions about it, I'm going to add it in a separate post today. Hopefully that post will explain things a little better and answer some of your questions.

Thanks for stopping by today. Again, I want to tell all of you how very much your kind and thoughtful words mean to me. You are ALL very special!! :-)