Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lucky Winner of the new Hanna Stamps' set!!!

Thank you, everyone, for your lovely comments about your favorite Thanksgiving memories. I really enjoyed reading them! It's so nice to know that we all have so very, very many things to be thankful for, isn't it?? (And it was nice to know that there really are people out there checking in on my blog once in a while!! That makes me feel great!!)
Anyway...I've probably kept you in suspense long enough! I used to pick a number (and using only one post per person...), and the lucky winner is:

Michelle Woerner (sf9erfan on SCS)!!!

Here's what Michelle had to say:

First... great blog! Just found it. Congrats on being on multiple design teams!! My fav Thanksgiving memory has to be my first time at hosting. I ran around like a crazy person for almost 2 days cleaning and prepping for dinner, was up at the crack of dawn starting the turkey only to discover at dinner time I messed up the stuffing, burned the rolls and cooked the turkey UPSIDE DOWN! We had a great time anyway. Hugs, michelle.

Michelle, if you'll PM me over on SCS, and let me know your snail mail address, I'll get the information to Kristi (the owner of Hanna Stamps!), and she'll get the set mailed out to you right away! You are going to enjoy this set SO much!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Thanks again, everybody, for playing!
I'll be back tomorrow morning to post some creations that I'm currently working on. Have a great evening!

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